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Here you will find essential information about Wells Fargo Human Resources (HR) policies and other important corporate


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You will see another outline see when marking on to pay voucher that demonstrates the net pay appropriation sums for the present payroll interval. You can see the full pay voucher by tapping the View Current Pay Voucher (PDF) connect. You will likewise observe an authentic rundown of late pay vouchers that incorporates check and payroll interval dates alongside sums for aggregate income, charges, findings, and net pay. Recorded pay vouchers might be seen by tapping the check date in the left section.

1. Net Pay Dispersion: The measure of pay you get after duties and conclusions, and how it is paid — with check or kept straightforwardly to a record you have indicated. 

2. Seeing Current Pay Voucher: This connection takes you to a PDF variant of the full pay voucher for the present payroll interval. 

3. Seeing Past Vouchers 

The Compensation Voucher apparatus permits you to view vouchers for as far back as year and a half or more. 

  • From the primary voucher page, tap the check date in the left section of the chronicled list for the sought pay voucher. 
  • To return, close the present program window and you will come back to the first authentic rundown of pay vouchers.

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Wells Fargo Dealer Services takes pride in its notoriety for being one of the nation's greatest money related administrations bunch. The organization offers customers some assistance with managing their advances while they additionally serve merchants by giving them adaptable vehicle financing alternatives. Wells Fargo goes for furnishing its customers with the most ideal client support.

In actuality, clients can undoubtedly get to and deal with their records every minute of every day by means of the Internet. By just agreeing to Wells Fargo eServices, you can do different things in one convenient device on the web. Different client bolster administrations should be possible in only a couple console hits and mouse clicks. Through your online record, you may see your record adjust, or make your installments, demand for result quotes, or demand for electronic bill explanations. Besides, for an automobile credit renegotiate is as simple as preparing it on the web.

Beginning with eServices 
It's very basic. Simply visit the eServices enlistment page . You will be requested that enter your advance record number (10 digits), government disability number, and email address. Likewise you will be requested that make a client ID and a secret word. Once you've finished filling in the greater part of the fields in an online structure, hit submit and a record profile is made for you.

Rules for making a User ID and a Password 
There are standards to take after before making your own log in subtle elements. Observe additionally that both User IDs and passwords are case delicate.

For User IDs:

– It must be no less than 7 characters long and close to 9 characters

– It must contain no less than 1 numeral and 1 letter

For Passwords:

– Length must be no less than 8 characters

- To expand your security when signing into eServices, ensure that you secret key contains alphanumeric characters and in addition extraordinary characters (e.g.

Advantages of Wells Fargo Dealer eService 
There are a few cool abilities that you can do once you're marked in eServices:

  • You can check your record, your installment parity/status, your next due date, pending installments, and you're existing result sum 
  • You can specifically make charge installments online or pay off the whole advance sum 
  • You can subscribe for eStatements so you don't need to get another bill via the post office 
  • You might likewise select in for electronic mail notices 
  • You might likewise organize an Automatic installment framework on the web, which spares you from the bother of composing a check or purchasing stamps 
  • Roll out improvements for you profile 
  • Acquire answers to your request and some more 

Your credit record number may be discovered just in two territories on your month to month bill. One is at the top center segment of the range named 'Record Number". Another is on the separable installment stub on the right side on top of the date of due.

On the off chance that despite everything you can't find the 10-digit number, don't hesitate to contact Customer Support at 1-800-289-8004, Mondays through Fridays, from 5am to 7pm (PST).

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Wells Fargo Team Member Handbook

Here you will find essential information about Wells Fargo Human Resources (HR) policies and other important corporate
policies that will be valuable to you as you begin your career with us. For team members, it is important — and it is your
responsibility — to be informed about the policies that affect you.
The handbook applies to team members paid on a Wells Fargo U.S. payroll system, with the exception of the Code of
Ethics and Business Conduct and the Information Security Policy Overview, which applies to all Wells Fargo team
members. The handbook is not a contract of employment nor can it offer an answer for every situation. Employment at
Wells Fargo is on an "at-will" basis.
Because this handbook is the main resource outlining team member policies, all team members paid on a Wells Fargo U.S.
payroll system are required to sign an acknowledgment that they have been shown how to access it and understand its
application to their employment with a Wells Fargo company.
The handbook contains information on the following topics:
Resource & References. This section provides you with additional HR, communication, and other resources that
might be helpful during your employment, including a Glossary that lists frequently used handbook-related terms
and their definitions.
Code of Ethics & Business Conduct. This section provides you with information on the highest possible standards
of ethics and business conduct and the importance of your adherence to them.
Employment & Hiring. This section provides you with information about our employment practices.
Team Member Professionalism. This section provides you with information on what you can do to help us
maintain a professional and productive work environment.
Communications. This section provides information on using company equipment to communicate with customers
and your team and offers information about our social media policy.
Career, Performance, & Problem Solving. This section provides you with information about how you can develop
the skills and knowledge you need to be successful in our company.
Pay & Jobs. This section provides you with information about our compensation program.
Time Away. This section provides you with information about how you can use time away to support your life
events, such as illness, caring for a family member, vacation, volunteering, birth or adoption of a child, and loss
of a family member.
Safety & Health. This section provides you with information about our priority to maintain a work environment
that promotes and protects the safety and health of our team members.
Leaving Wells Fargo. This section provides you with information when your employment ends with the company.
Information Security. This section provides you with information about your responsibility to protect our
information, communication systems, and other assets.
Privacy & Solicitation. This section provides you with information about the significant role you play in protecting
our customers’ information and privacy.
Updates to the handbook
The handbook exists online, on Teamworks. Policies change from time to time, and the online handbook will be updated as
needed (see Changes as of July 18, 2014). At the bottom of each section in the handbook is a published reference date.
That date refers to the last date on which that particular policy was updated.
This handbook supersedes all previous communications, written or oral, regarding these policies. Wells Fargo & Company
created these policies, and many Wells Fargo companies have adopted them. Throughout this handbook, when you see the
terms “Wells Fargo” or “the company,” it means the Wells Fargo company that employs you directly.
Additional policies
At Wells Fargo, the business groups that form our organization’s structure have a great deal of the decision-making
authority. This handbook, for the most part, covers the policies adopted by the family of Wells Fargo companies. In many
cases, however, your business group may have additional guidelines, procedures, or approval requirements. You can find
out about these from your manager.

We’re a team
At Wells Fargo, we believe that every one of us is part of the larger Wells Fargo team. The contribution of each team
member is both necessary and valued. And to reflect the depth of our commitment to this concept, we don’t call our people
“employees” (a cost to be managed) — they are team members (an asset to invest in).
“Team member” implies that we depend on each other to achieve our vision. Teamwork is essential for cross-sell: our
desire to satisfy all our customers’ financial needs and help them succeed financially. Saying that we are one team is not
enough; we have to live it. You’ll find the term “team member” throughout this handbook — so please think of yourself as
an important part of the team. The people who work for each Wells Fargo company are that company. You are. We are. So
when you see the words “we,” “us,” and “our” throughout this handbook, they mean all of us who work for the Wells Fargo
family of companies, including the subsidiary that employs you.

Payment Verification

Payment Verification
You are expected to check your pay voucher (online or paper), direct deposit receipts, or both for accuracy and are
required to report immediately to your supervisor any overpayment — including but not limited to wages, salary, payments
under the Wells Fargo Short-Term Disability Plan, incentive pay, bonuses, or Paid Time Off. Your supervisor will work with
you to make appropriate arrangements to reimburse the company. Failure to report discrepancies or to make appropriate
repayment arrangements is a violation of company policy and this Code.

Preserve Confidentiality
Confidentiality has always been an essential part of the financial industry’s business. Wells Fargo's customers give us
private information about themselves and rightfully trust us to keep this information in confidence. Today, we have
technology that enables us to keep more information about customers than ever before. Recognizing this, Wells Fargo has
placed special emphasis on the appropriate collection, storage, and use of customer information. Moreover, Wells Fargo
has provided team members with access to computers, electronic mail, the intranet, and the internet. This access is a
privilege that carries special responsibilities. This section is about your responsibility to protect confidential and proprietary
information from release or misuse.

Confidential Information
Your role in privacy protection is critical. As a team member, you will have access to confidential information about Wells
Fargo, its customers, team members, and vendors that you are obligated to protect from unauthorized disclosure. Such
information is intended solely for use within Wells Fargo and is limited to those with a business need to know. Confidential
information acquired by a team member through his or her employment must be held in the strictest confidence and,
except for a business reason, must never be discussed with anyone — not even family members. Such information is to be
used solely for corporate purposes and never for personal gain and may not be used to compete with Wells Fargo.
You may not access confidential information without a business purpose. You must not disclose confidential information
that you have obtained in the course of your employment to any other team member unless the other team member has a
business need to know the information for the performance of his or her duties on behalf of Wells Fargo.
Wells Fargo protects the private, personal, and proprietary information of customers, vendors, and team members.
Confidential customer information may not be disclosed to persons outside Wells Fargo except when its disclosure is
required by law or in accordance with Wells Fargo’s privacy policies and customer agreements. In addition, Wells Fargo
may have entered into a confidentiality or nondisclosure agreement to protect a third party’s confidential information and
to prevent unauthorized disclosure or use of that information. You must be careful to honor those agreements.
Furthermore, you must comply with additional policies maintained by applicable business units that restrict the flow of
confidential information between their business unit and other Wells Fargo business units that are engaged in investment
advisory or securities trading activities.
Improper release of or unauthorized access to confidential information damages our customers' trust in Wells Fargo and
can result in loss of business and even legal action. It also reflects on your ability to do your job and is a violation of
company policy and this Code.

Undue Influence

Undue Influence

It is not appropriate for you to influence, or attempt to influence, anyone for the purpose of having him or her handle a
transaction or process in a way that results in an improper personal benefit to you, your friends, relatives, or even to that
particular team member. Such improper benefit may result from using a relationship (whether personal, social, or
professional) to prevail upon another person, such as a coworker, vendor, or someone who reports to you, to do
something for you that is outside the scope of standard business practice. For additional guidance concerning gifts to team
members and others, see the Gifts section. In addition, undue influence may take the form of pressuring, intimidating, or
threatening another person in an attempt to persuade him or her to take an action that is inconsistent with standard
business practice.
The services of others, such as vendors, brokers, appraisers, or attorneys, should be selected on the basis of quality, price,
and other factors that may be appropriate in particular cases, and family relationships or friendships should never be a
factor. Team members should not attempt to influence selection of a vendor based on a family relationship or friendship.
Neither you, a family member, nor any entity in which you or your family member has a financial interest or by which you
or your family member is employed may supply goods or services to a business unit of Wells Fargo in which you are
employed without prior approval of the transaction by your Code Administrator. You do not need prior approval when the
vendor is:

  •  A public company that employs a family member.
  •  A public company that may be part owned, but not controlled, by you or a family member.

With respect to engagement of professionals or consultants, a team member’s business unit may engage a professional
firm (such as an accounting firm, law firm, or investment bank) that is owned in part by or employs a team member’s
family member. However, such team member may not request or act to influence such engagement and must notify his or
her supervisor or Code Administrator of such relationship as soon as possible.

Sales Incentive Programs

Sales Incentive Programs
As part of Wells Fargo’s sales culture, the company creates various incentive programs to reward the top producers of new
business and to obtain new business. This section provides guidance for specific situations involving incentive programs. If
any business practice being followed in your area does not meet these guidelines, you should refuse to participate and
should report the inappropriate behavior to EthicsLine.
Sales to relatives and friends
Wells Fargo recognizes that relatives and friends are one source of new business. Within these guidelines, incentive
programs generally allow team members to receive credit and any related compensation for legitimate sales to, or referrals
of, relatives or friends. Business units may place more restrictive guidelines on sales to relatives or friends to ensure that
conflicts of interest or perceptions of conflicts of interest are avoided.
Inappropriate sales
Steering a customer to an inappropriate or unnecessary product to receive sales credit harms the customer; it is an
unacceptable practice that violates both the spirit and the letter of our incentive programs and this Code.
Any form of “gaming” to receive compensation, to meet sales goals, or for any other reason is in direct violation of
company policy and this Code. Gaming is defined as the manipulation, misrepresentation, or both of sales or sales
reporting in an attempt to receive compensation or to meet sales goals. Gaming issues may arise in but are not limited to
the following categories of activities:
? Reclassification or transfer: Reclassifying or transferring existing business should not be viewed as a true sale
and is not intended to result in sales incentive, unless the reclassification or transfer:
o Is part of a specific product program.
o Is a general bank strategy.
o Has very clear customer benefit and the customer’s express agreement.
? Discounts or customer incentives: It is not appropriate for you to supplement standard discounts or customer
incentives by substituting your own personal funds, including your commission income, to complete a sale or earn
a higher commission by recording a cross-sell. It is inappropriate to pay a fee, such as a credit card fee, or fund a
deposit account on behalf of a customer to complete a sale. Wells Fargo is interested in bona fide sales and
provides a number of ways for our salesforce to offer fee waivers or rate discounts to attract new business.
? Sales referrals: Only valid sales referrals made by the team member seeking the credit may be submitted to
meet sales goals or receive credit under sales incentive programs. Valid referrals typically require team members
to have spoken directly with the customer about a specific product or a referral to a different business unit and
to have gained the customer’s agreement for that product or referral. You are responsible for knowing the terms
of the sales incentive programs that are applicable to your business unit, including but not limited to the rules on
sales referral credit and how your business unit defines a valid referral.