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The business of Wells Fargo

Since 1852, Wells Fargo & Company has played an extraordinary role in the financial history and development of America.
Visit the resources below to see why today, the Wells Fargo family of companies is an industry leader in providing
diversified financial services to satisfy all the financial needs of consumers, small business, farmers and ranchers, middlemarket
and large corporations, real estate developers, and local governments.

- Vision & Values
- One Wells Fargo
- About our Company

Wells Fargo Corporate Library

Wells Fargo Corporate Library contains more than 5,000 books, DVDs, and CDs, available for checkout as well as expanded
online magazine and business article browsing functions, book book summaries, and much more. Some of the many topics
include personal and professional development, technology and business, and finance. With the online library reservation
systems, U.S.-based team members and contract employees can search our collection, free of charge. Library services
- Access to personal and professional development.
- Free access to online magazines, journals, and expertly written book summaries. The library accepts donations
and collection recommendations.

How to reach us

You can request our services by visiting the Wells Fargo Corporate Library website.

Information Research Services

Information Research Services provides the information you need to better understand your clients, ultimately positioning
you to deliver superior financing solutions. Information Research Services is staffed by experienced research librarians
located in Charlotte and San Francisco and is available to all team members. We seek to be your one-stop shop for
valuable business research with one or more of the following:

 - Company research
- Industry research
- Rating agency commentaries
- Comparable deal information and statistics
- Economic data and statistics
- SEC and legal filings research
- News

How to reach us

You can request our services by visiting the Information Research Services website.

Additional information

Other support departments are mentioned throughout this handbook; feel free to contact them with your questions. This
handbook gives company-wide numbers and email addresses when available, and you can also find information on these
and many other departments by looking for their listings in Sites A–Z on Teamworks.


- A – E
- F – J
- K – O
- P – S
- T – Z

A – E


Accommodations Management

A resource for team members and managers who need assistance in responding to a medical condition or restriction that
impairs a team member’s ability to perform one or more of the essential functions of his or her current job duties.

active working status

Days when a team member is actually on the job (including time on reduced work schedule) or is on regularly scheduled
days off, holidays, jury duty, bereavement time off, or Paid Time Off (PTO) — except for those days when PTO is the team
member’s source of income during the Short-Term Disability (STD) Plan’s one-week waiting period. Time on leave (which
includes the STD Plan waiting period, whether or not the team member is using PTO) is not included in “active working

administrative leave

Time off from work in certain situations where appropriate as determined by Wells Fargo (for example, to conduct an
internal investigation).

Affirmative Action Plan (AAP)

The official document that analyzes the workforce in terms of minority and female representation (and, where applicable,
veterans or employees with disabilities), identifies problem areas, and sets goals to correct any areas of underutilization.

alternative schedule

A schedule in which the length and number of workdays are predetermined and constant but may be less than five days
per week or longer than eight hours per day (for example, a 10-hour day for four days each week).


An individual who:

- Expressed interest in a currently open position by telephone, the internet or related electronic technologies, or a
resume or Job Interest Profile form.
- Was considered for employment in a particular position.
- Is eligible for employment at Wells Fargo and who meets the advertised qualifications.
- Did not withdraw himself or herself from consideration at any point during the selection process.


Accounting Unit; see business group.


base pay

Employee Assistance Services - wells fargo teamworks

 -Employee Assistance Services

Employee Assistance Services (EAS) are delivered through the internal Wells Fargo Employee Assistance Consulting (EAC)
team and through our vendor partner OptumHealth Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

- Wells Fargo Employee Assistance Consulting (EAC) consists of licensed behavioral health team members
who provide consultation and workgroup support to managers, HR professionals, and corporate partners for
behavioral health and risk concerns with workplace impact. The EAC team also provides direct support to team
members and leaders affected by robberies, threats, domestic violence, disasters, or critical incidents.
- OptumHealth Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers confidential consultation and referral support to all
Wells Fargo team members and their household family members on a wide variety of personal and work-related
concerns. EAP consultants can also assist you in locating local mental health and substance abuse providers or
show you how to find those services on your own.

How Wells Fargo EAC works

The internal Wells Fargo EAC team provides consultation to managers, HR professionals, and corporate partners for
behavioral health and behavioral risk concerns that affect the workplace, including:
- Erratic and unusual changes in team member behavior
- Challenges associated with change
- Interpersonal effectiveness
- Workplace risk concerns:
    o Threats
    o Domestic violence
    o Robberies
- Recovery from disasters or critical incidents
- Fitness for duty

The internal EAC team also provides direct support to team members and managers personally affected by robberies,
threats, domestic violence, and disasters or critical incidents.

How OptumHealth EAP works

We all know that sometimes people need help in resolving personal and work-related difficulties. OptumHealth Employee
Assistance Program (EAP) consultants offer confidential EAP consultation and referral support for team members and their
household family members for a wide range of issues, including:

- Personal, relationship, and family difficulties
- Emotional concerns
- Alcohol and drug use
- Child abuse and domestic violence
- Health matters
- Grief and loss
- Stress resulting from financial or legal matters
- Career concerns
- Crisis support

EAP consultants are trained to help team members deal effectively with personal or work-related problems. Whether team
members contact an EAP consultant directly or a manager or HR professional refers a team member to the EAP, using the
EAP is voluntary.

Here's what can be expected from an EAP consultant:

- Help identifying and understanding concerns.
- Assistance in exploring options.
- Recommendations for effective solutions, which might include referrals to other resources.
All team members are eligible for EAP services, regardless of participation in a Wells Fargo health plan. There is no
cost to the team member for telephonic consultation. If an additional resource is needed, the team member’s financial
situation, health plan coverage, and available community resources are considered when making referrals and
recommendations. Costs associated with certain referrals (such as benefit copays) are the team member’s responsibility.


Contact with the EAP is strictly confidential — exceptions to the confidentiality policy are made only when you give the EAP
explicit permission or when they are required by law. The EAP must report situations that are imminently life-threatening
or those that involve the abuse or neglect of a child or vulnerable adult.

Effect on your job

Using EAP will not adversely affect job or promotional opportunities. EAP records are kept separately from the Official
Personnel File and will be released only if required by valid legal process or operation of law.

However, working with EAP won’t protect team members from the consequences of unsatisfactory performance or violation
of the standards for workplace behavior.

Wells Fargo Employee Assistance Consulting (EAC) and EAP services provided by OptumHealth can be reached at 1-888-
327-0027. For TDD access for persons with hearing impairments, please call 1-877-411-0826. For additional information,
visit Employee Assistance Services (EAS) on Teamworks.

Resources & References - wells fargo teamworks

Our approach

Our team members are our greatest assets. Giving you the resources you need to be successful is one of our highest
priorities. Beyond this handbook are many additional resources you can turn to for information, help, and guidance.

Your Manager

Your manager is the first person you should go to, whenever possible, when you have questions about:

- Wells Fargo policies, guidelines, and programs
- Workplace issues
- Performance feedback
- Job expectations
- Pay
- Career development

Your manager is one of your most valuable resources at Wells Fargo. You and your manager depend on each other to
succeed professionally; he or she is accountable for the work you do and is committed to helping you do the best job you
can. In turn, your working relationship contributes to the success of the other team members in your business unit and our
overall company goals.


Wells Fargo’s intranet offers online access to a variety of team member resources, including:

- Policy and benefits material
- Tools for viewing and changing personal and payroll information
- Team Member Look-Up
- Internal websites maintained by departments throughout the company
- Tools to help you improve your skills and manage your career

Teamworks is an important resource for team members and is used as the primary resource for team member
communication at Wells Fargo. You can also access many Teamworks tools and functions from home, at

Human Resources

Each business unit in our company is supported by a team of Human Resources (HR) professionals who deliver human
resources services to team members and managers. These professionals may be referred to as:

- HR advisor
- HR consultant
- HR customer service representative
-HR leader
- HR manager
- HR specialist
- Employee Relations (ER) consultant
- ER manager

These professionals are available to assist you with questions related to Wells Fargo’s HR programs, policies, or practices
and to work with you in resolving any workplace-related issues or concerns.

Examples of issues or concerns that an HR professional may assist you with include:

- Providing answers and advice for questions or concerns about workplace policies or situations.
- Addressing a sensitive workplace concern that your manager is unable to assist you with or that you are not
comfortable speaking about with your manager.
- Facilitating the resolution of a conflict with your manager or a team member that you’ve made an attempt to
- Providing consultation to team members and managers about their respective responsibilities.
- Conducting a review of a disputed employment action.

Feel free to contact your HR professional if you need advice or help in solving an issue that you have on the job. If you
don’t know who your HR professional is, ask your manager, check your listing in Team Member Look-Up on Teamworks, or
call the HR Service Center at 1-877-HRWELLS (1-877-479-3557). For TDD access for persons with hearing impairments,
please call 1-800-988-0161.

Benefits materials

Access materials and plan descriptions in the Benefits section on Teamworks. It’s important for you to know where you can
refer to this material if you have a question.

HR Service Center

If you have basic questions about benefits, payroll, or policies that aren’t covered in your handbook or benefits materials,
you can call the HR Service Center at 1-877-HRWELLS (1-877-479-3557). For TDD access for persons with hearing
impairments, please call 1-800-988-0161.


Our online job posting site, Jobs, provides you with your most important, ongoing source of information about job
opportunities at Wells Fargo. It's available on Teamworks and at home at

wells fargo teamworks


Here you will find essential information about Wells Fargo Human Resources (HR) policies and other important corporate
policies that will be valuable to you as you begin your career with us. For team members, it is important — and it is your
responsibility — to be informed about the policies that affect you.

The handbook applies to team members paid on a Wells Fargo U.S. payroll system, with the exception of the Code of
Ethics and Business Conduct and the Information Security Policy Overview, which applies to all Wells Fargo team
members. The handbook is not a contract of employment nor can it offer an answer for every situation. Employment at
Wells Fargo is on an "at-will" basis.

Because this handbook is the main resource outlining team member policies, all team members paid on a Wells Fargo U.S.
payroll system are required to sign an acknowledgment that they have been shown how to access it and understand its
application to their employment with a Wells Fargo company.

The handbook contains information on the following topics:

- Resource & References. This section provides you with additional HR, communication, and other resources that
might be helpful during your employment, including a Glossary that lists frequently used handbook-related terms
and their definitions.
- Code of Ethics & Business Conduct. This section provides you with information on the highest possible standards
of ethics and business conduct and the importance of your adherence to them.
- Social Responsibility. This section provides you with information on how we use social responsibility to build on
our corporate vision of helping our customers succeed financially.
- Employment & Hiring. This section provides you with information about our employment practices.
- Team Member Professionalism. This section provides you with information on what you can do to help us
maintain a professional and productive work environment.
- Communications. This section provides information on using company equipment to communicate with customers
and your team and offers information about our social media policy.
- Career, Performance, & Problem Solving. This section provides you with information about how you can develop
the skills and knowledge you need to be successful in our company.
- Pay & Jobs. This section provides you with information about our compensation program.
- Time Away. This section provides you with information about how you can use time away to support your life
events, such as illness, caring for a family member, vacation, volunteering, birth or adoption of a child, and loss
of a family member.
- Safety & Health. This section provides you with information about our priority to maintain a work environment
that promotes and protects the safety and health of our team members.
- Leaving Wells Fargo. This section provides you with information when your employment ends with the company.
- Information Security. This section provides you with information about your responsibility to protect our
information, communication systems, and other assets.
- Privacy & Solicitation. This section provides you with information about the significant role you play in protecting
our customers’ information and privacy.

Updates to the handbook

The handbook exists online, on Teamworks. Policies change from time to time, and the online handbook will be updated as
needed (see Changes as of January 16, 2013). At the bottom of each section in the handbook is a published reference
date. That date refers to the last date on which that particular policy was updated.

This handbook supersedes all previous communications, written or oral, regarding these policies. Wells Fargo & Company
created these policies, and many Wells Fargo companies have adopted them. Throughout this handbook, when you see the
terms “Wells Fargo” or “the company,” it means the Wells Fargo company that employs you directly.

Additional policies

At Wells Fargo, the business groups that form our organization’s structure have a great deal of the decision-making
authority. This handbook, for the most part, covers the policies adopted by the family of Wells Fargo companies. In many
cases, however, your business group may have additional guidelines, procedures, or approval requirements. You can find
out about these from your manager.

We’re a team

At Wells Fargo, we believe that every one of us is part of the larger Wells Fargo team. The contribution of each team
member is both necessary and valued. And to reflect the depth of our commitment to this concept, we don’t call our people
“employees” (a cost to be managed) — they are team members (an asset to invest in).

“Team member” implies that we depend on each other to achieve our vision. Teamwork is essential for cross-sell: our
desire to satisfy all our customers’ financial needs and help them succeed financially. Saying that we are one team is not
enough; we have to live it. You’ll find the term “team member” throughout this handbook — so please think of yourself as
an important part of the team. The people who work for each Wells Fargo company are that company. You are. We are. So
when you see the words “we,” “us,” and “our” throughout this handbook, they mean all of us who work for the Wells Fargo
family of companies, including the subsidiary that employs you.